Apple M1 Night Shift Clash

Whenever I try to activate / deactivate the night shift mode the BetterTouchTool will restart itself....

Further testing, seems the Toogle Night Shift function causing the clash of the BTT...

unfortunately it looks like Apple has removed the possibility for third party apps to use the night shift API on M1 (I’ll receive a m1 MacBook next week, then I’ll verify this)

I can confirm that this is the case. I have tested it on my M1 MacBook Pro and it immediately crashes if you'd like I can post crash logs.

Not necessary, I'll receive a M1 MBP later this week to do some testing!

Thanks Andreas; strange that they removed the function for Night Shift but the Auto Tone is still working.

Hope there's a work around to it, thanks!

hi,can you test the temperature of M1,please
i allways play game with my M1
it will very very very very useful, valuable
thank you very much

and fan speed
thank you again

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