App Switching, Windows 10-Style

There is only one thing my work (Windows) laptop does better than my Mac– App switching. With a 3 or 4 finger drag in any direction I can both summon the app switcher and select the app to switch to, with my selection opening as soon as I lift my fingers from the trackpad.

After looking into this for an hour or so, it looks like there used to be a Special App Switcher in BTT that could do this but is no longer part of BTT? Not sure.

Currently I'm summoning the normal app switcher with a 4-finger tap, and moving the mouse to click on my selection. Two fingers can then scroll through selecting apps, but the mouse still needs to move to click on one of them. I've tried using the Move Mouse action, but it appears there is no way to move it to the center of the screen (given that I use two different sized screens and thus can't use the distance from any corner to get the screen's center for both).

Does anyone have tips for how to more closely emulate the desired behaviour described above?

Because this is one of the most frequently used actions (for me), any time saved here will speed me up noticeably.

Thank you!

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