App Switcher - Add option to reset scrolling position after click on an app



I would love to see an option on App Switcher that would allow to reset scrolling position of the widget after clicking on an app. I've set up the widget so that 3 apps are visible, and others are accessible by scroll. But when I click on an app which position is > 3, the widget keeps the scrolling position, and I always have to manually go back to initial position to see most recents apps.

Basically : after clicking on an app, set scroll position to 0.

Would it be possible ? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I think this feature request didn't had enough attention.

I keep have to scroll to beginning of scrollview each time after using my App Switcher. Would be so easy to add an option for this !

As I suggested, after clicking on an app, set scroll position to 0, so that we still see the most recents apps.