App-specific shortcut seems inconsistent lately

Not sure if this is actually a bug or not, so I'll just call it a question.

I've used BTT for a few years to give me the flexibility I want to customize how keys work, and really like the product.

One of my favorite shortcuts is to make "Shift + Enter" send a message in Slack (I set it up so that Slack sends a message with "Command-Enter", and then I have "Shift + Enter" as an app-specific shortcut to trigger "Command-Enter". Lately it seems like it's being detected & triggered inconsistently. I'll restart better touch tool and it'll work for a few minutes, then somehow it stops and I get newlines I don't want. Then restarting may or may not help, and I'll go in, reconfigure something I've never really needed to touch (like, switch from "app under cursor" to "send to Slack" or something) and it works again for a bit.

Any suggestions to make this more consistent?

I'm running macOS Sonoma 14.4, and BetterTouchTool 4.442. I've not yet tried the alpha release, but I'll give that a go shortly.

That is weird, I haven't had other reports of problems with app specific keyboard shortcuts. If you want you can go to Help => Export Diagnostic Debug Information (best right after reproducing the issue) and send the result to me ( referencing this thread. Maybe I can see something from the logs.

Hi, I’m also trying to remap my ‘Return’ into ‘Return + Shift’ only on a specific Chrome site. Should I include the currently pressed keyboard keys in the conditions?

Version 4.471

less specific:

more specific:


You probably want to configure that as a keyboard shortcut, not a key sequence (key sequences don't block the original key event)

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oh my goodness, you’re a genius :sob: :sob: :sob: thank you!!!

For what it's worth, I think I fixed my situation.

It's a problem that I ultimately caused, but the software... maybe could have protected me better from my own stupidity? :slight_smile:

So, awhile ago I defined a shortcut which listened for shift + enter and replaced it with enter, and then another which listened for enter and replaced it with shift + enter. Everything was happy enough.

Then Slack added the option to use command - enter to send, so I disabled both of my shortcuts (disabled, not deleted) and made a new shortcut which listened for shift - enter and replaced with command - enter.

Once I deleted the old (disabled) shortcut, it behaved how I'd expect.

My suspicion is that it did something like:

  1. Look for a matching shortcut, if more than one found pick one sorta at ranodm
  2. If shortcut is disabled do nothing
  3. If shortcut is enabled do the thing

So because it found 2 shortcuts in step 1, maybe it intermittently got the one that was disabled?

Anyway. It's happy now that I've done my housekeeping.

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How would I go about creating this?

That if I press ‘enter’ once, it will send ‘shift + enter’ but if I hit enter twice in less than 0.3 seconds, it will send ‘enter’ ?

I haven’t had any success trying to do it on key sequences, keyboard shortcuts, execute after delay, and with chatGPT lolol :face_with_spiral_eyes: