App crash spontaneously on M1 mini


I found that BTT "disappears" (probably crashes) on M1 Mac Mini. It happens really "unnoticeable" or spontaneously. I can't tell when it is crashed and from time to time I found the app disappeared and have to restart it. There are no report crash window or error message - it just silently disappeared. And besides this, there are no other issue at all.

BTT version: 2.426 (785)
MacOS version: 11.0.1

Since I'm using the latest version that my license still works, I'm not sure if this bug would be fixed for us who owns the earlier license.

Updates are only available while the license is eligible.

However maybe still check whether there are any crashlogs in the macOS console app => under crashlogs. Maybe there is something you can do.

(In general on M1 Macs you really should upgrade to the latest BTT for performance reasons (as it is built specifically for the M1 architecture). Running BTT via Rosetta emulation is really bad for performance & battery consumption.)