App Crash; Rare Use Case

Within a Context Menu, if you set a "Context Menu Item" action to "Show Context Menu." The app will crash when that "Context Menu Item" is selected.

Probably a rare use case. I was just curious if I could, as a way to have "sub context menus".. and ended up with the bug/crash.

Also just going to toss this here too.. as its related to the "Show Context Menu (New)

The + that appears under the Action for the context menu, just creates a blank action space, then within the Configure Context Menu, it adds a "Please Select Trigger" item to the left panel.

ah I will hide that action. You can create subgroups by adding "folders" / groups :slight_smile:

You can create subgroups by adding "folders" / groups

Yeah, I was mostly just trying to see what else might work :wink: