Anyway to enable BTT TouchBar from an action?

I'm using the "Move mouse to screen corner" to open a particular Touch Bar folder and on moving away, closing it. I'm using this to quickly glance at a COVID-19 dashboard I made. This works perfectly.

However, it requires BTT Touch Bar to be enabled, otherwise opening a folder works but nothing shows until BTT TB is enabled. There is a "Toggle BTT Touch Bar" which seems like it could work but it toggles, so if the Touch Bar was enabled, then it hides it! I'd like an action to be able to always just enable the TB and not toggle it. If not, is there a way I can check using AppleScript if BTT is disabled and then I can choose to trigger the toggle action conditionally?

I have added explicit "Show Touch Bar" and "Hide Touch Bar" actions in 3.359 alpha!

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That's perfect! I just downloaded the alpha and tested. It works as intended except for one issue.

I have on,

Move mouse to top left corner - Show Touch Bar + Open group "Covid"
Move mouse away from top left corner - Close group "Covid"

So the issue now is that if TB was disabled before, then it stays enable. If I add the hide TB action, then it fails for the other case where TB was enabled earlier.

So far, I am happy that regardless of the TB enabled/disabled, I can quickly glance at the numbers, which is what's most important. It'd be totally perfect if there was a way to detect the previous state and restore it to that ie if TB was hidden, then hide it, if it was enabled, then let it stay enabled.

BTW I must thank you for the quick response especially the prompt update!