Anyone using BTT with ARDUINO (HID programming)

Has anyone utilized BTT to access Arduino-based devices?

I've done a fair amount of wearables with Arduino, and am working on gesture controls for controlling a Mac.

Something like:

I'm doing this for a blind friend who needs all the help he can get WRT control of his computer.

Charlie aka CyberchuckTX

if it acts as a HID device you can probably get it running using the "Generic Device" support in BTT:

There is not much documentation on this yet, but there are already multiple scripts available here in the forum (search for "generic device")

Ah. I thought that might be the case (Generic Device).

I have been playing with ideas for blind assistance devices; will be checking with my friend to find out what he needs the most.

In the meanwhile I hope some others in the community might see my post and make suggestions.

Charlie aka CyberchuckTX