Anyone using BTT to map Anki App (study tool) shortcuts? CMD + arrow keys, Cloze, etc.

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Anki has a newfound problem in the 2.1.x version that prevents CMD + left or right arrow keys to navigate text; however, Fn + arrow keys seems to work. As a result, one way to get around the toolkit issue is apparently to map "Fn + arrow keys" to the "CMD + left/right keys" in BTT... I've tried to do this but it still does not seem to want to work.

Another issue is with mapping keyboard shortcuts for Cloze functionality i.e. "CMD + OPT + C". Entering this as an assigned keyboard shortcut doesn't seem to work.....

Any ideas? Anyone else running into these issues?

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Funny. In my Preset you find already a review Touch Bar, just yesterday I created a "Editor" Bar. Gonna post it later this day, just to let you know it exists :ok_hand:t3:

Edit: I just checked, the keyboard shortcuts work perfectly fine for me. I'll take a look into it and give feedback.

Edit 2: Cloze is done with ⌘⇧C❗️

(Encountered some troubles with shortcuts from add-ons and Anki Shortcuts. On it, but have to resolve this first).
Here is a short preview - I basically made two groups triggerable wether you press or long press the Anki icon appearing as soon as Anki is the frontmost App.

This is what you see when you study cards.

And what you see when you create cards. This is the group that causes some problems for now, I'm afraid I will have to use "mouse position on screen" as the Add Ons you need for these options are integrated into the main window as a non visible secondary window - but are treated like those by BetterTouchTool :confused:

Maybe a reinstall of Anki will resolve your keyboard problems @wiffle, as here everything is fine. You run 2.1.11 too?

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