Anyone using BTT to mangle input from Contour Rollermouse devices?

I'm frakkin sick of using Contour's buggy driver.

they're REALLY cool input devices.. but their support is lackluster at best.
The issue I have with their software is that their driver seems to lose input... especially shift/control RELEASE events... so the device starts acting as if the shift key is held... which is a bit obnoxious.

Their input device is somewhat unique (afaik) ... picture a rod, with a straw over it.
when you move the straw left or right it's as if you're mousing in that direction... when you roll the straw towards, or away from you it's as if yer mousing up/down...

this breaks obviously when you hit the edge of travel on the x axis.

They solve this with sprung analog pressure switches on either axis' edge.... which act as 'move pointer quickly-ish in N's axis direction...' input.

after spending weeks back-and-forthing with their support staff repeatedly asserting that 'uninstalling and reinstalling isn't gonna help here.... as I've already done this multiple times... '

I'm looking into alternatives.... seeing as I already own BTT, and it's got such a vibrant community, it'd be my first stop.