Anyone have presets for IINA they can share? Esp for use with BTT remote control

Apologies if this isn't the right place to post this, let me know if I should post it somewhere else

BTT is a super cool tool, and I'm hoping to use BTT remote on my iPhone with BTT+iina on my mac. That said, having to manually configure it is a bit daunting! I was hoping someone could share their configuration

yes i have one. ill try to post. still working on improving mine. trying to get a BTT preset to work with Movist Pro but it is proving be a PIA some of tthe applescript is not transferign over easily

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that'd be amazing!

any luck? would be a huge help, but I understand it's sort of annoying to share etc!

trying to figuure out if there is a way/how to just export that IINA preset..not all my setting haha bc its quitte large so mightt be a pain for you tto remove al the unneeded parts but i guess you coud just copy he iina part and pastte into your preset

Yeah I'd be interested in trying one out as well :grimacing:

I'd be totally fine with that! I mean as long as there isn't anything sensitive you can just export everything. there are just lots of things I have no idea how to do, any reference would be amazing