Anyone else seeing keyboard backlight issues recently?

In the last four or five days, I have started keyboard backlight problems on my 2018 MBP. The problem is that, sometimes, after sleep, the keyboard backlight will NOT turn back on. This is despite changing/checking the ambient light sensor, keyboard backlight settings in preferences, etc. And my keyboard backlight keys on the normal touch bar config appear normal but have no effect.

This problem has persisted across reboots, unless I reset SMC or PRAM (I've tried different ones at different times, sorry I'm not sure which of those two resets it).

Wondering whether BTT could be involved, I've (alas, painfully) turned it off for the last 24h as a troubleshooting measure, and, at least so far, it appears the problem is fixed (before I couldn't get more than 1 hour of sleep before the problem occurred).

So I'm just wondering, has anyone else been seeing an issue with the keyboard backlight not coming back on after sleep in the last few days?

Yes, same issue here — keyboard backlighting disabled when running BTT. When I quit out of BTT and removed it from Login Items [in Users & Groups system settings] and restarted my 13" MBP [2018] running Mojave 10.14.5 and restarted the Mac, keyboard backlighting was restored. I did not have to reset SM or PRAM. Will pause here and work without BTT for now as I benefit from keyboard backlighting for work when I have a gig in a dim edit suite. Hopefully, a future version of BTT will fix this.