Any Touch Bar widget or preset to go with the reference software Mendeley Desktop?

Hey fellow BTT fan bois!

I've used the AquaTouch preset extensively for the last couple of months and to say that I'm in love is an understatement – it has greatly elevated my use of the touch bar.

I have managed to make some small adjustments and customizations but I'm bad with software in general so I struggle. One of the programs that I use more frequently is the reference software Mendeley Desktop, and even though I managed to get some buttons added in the touchbar it looks horrible. Some online searches have so far given me no shortcuts.

Therefore I was wondering if there is anyone here that has made a nice-looking and (more importantly) productive widget or preset for the touchbar to go with the Mendeley Desktop. The software itself is rather basic with around 11 action buttons, the most important ones being highlighting text and make comment notes in different colors. I assume a Mendeley Desktop widget/preset could run parallel to the AquaTouch presets.

Thanks in advance!