Another friendly reminder ...

@Andreas_Hegenberg ... I mention this because you thanked me for the last one (Recently Used). :slightly_smiling_face:

It would be great if positioning windows and changing their height and width would become easier.

I see two possibilities:

  1. I position a window where I want it, change the height and width and tell BTT to save it that way. these values are then called "Window A" and can be used (eg. with a shortcut) for every window.

  2. I drag a "window" with the mouse as if I were taking a screenshot. This creates an area that BTT saves (and then as in 1).

Maybe you have time somehow. I think many people would like that too. Thanks in advance :grinning:

thatโ€˜s basically the snap area feature in BTT :slight_smile: . Have you already tried that? (itโ€˜s only accessible via the BTT menubar icon menu)

Yes, I tried that and maybe I'm doing something wrong, but as far as I understand it, these snap areas do not represent a window, but only an area on which a window can be dragged to appear somewhere in some size.

Also "active window as template" does not mean that these window dimensions are saved for other windows. It is only an area onto which other windows can be dragged.

This is thought around the corner :hot_face:... my modest brain would prefer that the location and size of a template front window could be saved and then used with a trigger (shortcut) for all windows. :slightly_smiling_face:

A snap area consists of two things:
1.) the area which a window can be dragged into
2.) the template area

If a window is dragged into 1. it will be resized to 2.

In this screenshot the blue round area is 1. and the red dashed area 2.:

You can resize any window to the template area via the predefined action "Trigger Snap Area". However if you don't need the drag-snap you'd currently need to add some conditions that won't be fulfilled (e.g. like in the screenshot above where I require all modifier keys to be pressed for it to show up while dragging).

But you are right, it would be good to have a way to record the size & position of a window without using the snap area feature.

Ah, jetzt hat es klick gemacht. :slightly_smiling_face: You have to do it twice... Don't be offended, this is not very intuitive.

Yes, please, that would be very nice. :pray:

For the snap areas it's the main selling point to have areas 1. and 2. separate :slight_smile: It allows you to define small areas somewhere on your screen where you can drag windows to.

Yes, that makes sense if you want to drag. But I actually only want to change the position and size of a window with a shortcut. This position and size should be as easy to define as possible. :slightly_smiling_face:

New alpha adds a simple action "Resize Active Window To Specific Position & Size"

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That was quickly, as always :grinning: Thank you very much, Andreas. This action will make working with windows much easier for many people.

Shit, what should I do now that I have no further wishes? I urgently need to come up with something, otherwise you'll have nothing to do :joy: :wink:

Don't worry, my TODO list is already way to long :smiley: Working on some smaller requests like this is kind of relaxing while working on bigger stuff :laughing:

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