Animated transitions while opening button groups in touch bar

I'd like to request a new feature. It would be nice to have some kind of animated transitions while opening touch bar button groups. Perhaps similar to these original Apple opening animations?

Now that I'm adding expandable button groups to all of my widgets, this would really be an incredible option and would increase usability a lot, I think, for those times when something replaces the whole contents of the Touch Bar. Not every time, so just as an option to use the transition on a per-button-group basis. (Also an option to use the reverse transition on close.)

The transition used when toggling the BTT Touch Bar is very nice. Could we just use that?

@Andreas_Hegenberg is this something that can be developed or is it just not possible to add nice transitions like this?

I haven't looked into it in detail yet, but it could be complicated/impossible because most animations you see in the Touchbar are the default Apple animations. Unfortunately BetterTouchTool needs to use unofficial API which doesn't allow to use the default animations...