An honestly simple request: Ability to simultaneously copy multiple gestures from one app to or another

There should be an easier way to copy gestures that perform the exact same task in the exact same manner for multiple apps.

I am fairly sure that BTT used to include a feature that made this job somewhat easier, but as it stands now, if, for example, I want the gestures I use in Chrome available for me in a newly installed Chrome Canary, I have to drag each shortcut one by one from Chrome to Canary. I can't even select multiple shortcuts at the same time and this becomes enormously tedious as the process continues for all different input methods, keyboards, trackpads, etc.

As it stands now, I generally deal with this situation by exporting my preset, and copying the BTTTriggers json into the newly added app, and then reimport the data as a new preset, making sure to delete the preceding preset. Needless to say this process can become unnecessarily messy.

While in an ideal world, we could create a single bundle to allow us to group and sync similar gestures for similar apps (browsers are the most obvious use case). However, honestly, just being able to drag multiple items (eg., all the keyboard gestures) from one app to another would really make it a lot easier.

a shift-select-copy-paste.

Very nice

I needs, I vote

Yes please, I'm surprised this isn't implemented.

Right-click an existing app to duplicate its settings to a new app OR
Adding a new app gives an option to copy an existing set of gestures OR
CMD or SHIFT select multiple gestures and drag them to new app

Here's a workaround:

Head to tip #4.

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Thanks for that. Looked through Tip 4 and I realized the functionality is already there but undocumented.

Select existing app in the left sidebar, make sure it's the app that's highlighted and not its gesture, CMD+C to copy.

Select new app in left sidebar, CMD+V to paste and the settings from previously selected app will be copied to the new app and appear on the right.

Sidenote, your screens of BTT shows a dark theme, is that Mojave or built into BTT?

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I just read that topic as well and, TBH, the creation, duplication, merging and deletion of presets is similar to the method I initially spoke of to being this thread.

Conditional activation groups have largely achieved the solution I requested with regard to grouping gestures to apply to multiple apps.

Still, however, I find it utterly ridiculous that I still must copy and paste or drag each action one by one to copy it from one app to another. Fixing this would surely be a small feat in comparison to everything else that this app accomplishes.

the upcoming new UI will allow this (in a few weeks when it's relrased) :slight_smile: . With the old UI, multi selection can not be done.


You don't have to copy or drag each gesture individually to another app.

If you CMD+C on an app and CMD+V on another app, it will copy all the gestures from one app to another.

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”what’s that dark theme?”

It’s a mix of both. Dark theme is from Mojave and BTT supports it.
Sorry for the late reply

Can you clarify what you mean by CMD+C on an app and CMD+V on another app? Does that mean I have two windows of BetterTouchTool running? Or does that mean two presets? Pictures would help, thank you!

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Hi, I think that's changed since my comment.

I just check with the latest version. In BetterTouchTool, to copy gesture presets from an app to another app, select the app in the left sidebar, select all the gestures in the right panel, CMD+C to copy all of them. Then select the new app in the right side bar, click in the right panel, CMD+V will paste the previously copied gestures into the new app.