Am I the only person for whom four finger double tap gestures have broken?

For many months (probably more than a year at an absolute minimum), I have had a four finger double tap gesture (to display a custom context menu) that has worked with no problems at all. Very recently (but exactly when, hard to say), this has broken somehow. I can change the track pad gesture to something else (say, four finger swipe down) and the context menu appears, and I can assign some other action to four finger double tap (like display screen shot dialog). I just can't get the context menu to show up with four finger double tap anymore, like tapping with four fingers repeatedly. Nothing happens. I assume this is just another problem that somehow only I in the world have, and that nothing can or will be done to fix it, but it's really annoying because I've been using this constantly until now.

(Note that I don't know when it broke, because it was several days prior and I assumed a system restart would fix it, which I didn't do until today, and it did not improve the situation.)

Does it never show up, or did it just get harder to trigger? Possibly go to help => export diagnostic debug information, and send the result to, then I can have a look at your settings.

Did you maybe activate the macOS three finger dragging on your system? (That causes all sort of failures with BTT gestures)

It never shows up, despite tapping four fingers furiously. I do have three finger dragging enabled, but I've had it enabled for months without previous problems. I guess if Apple changed something recently it could have perturbed something in the force and this will no longer work for me, sad... I'll send the debug output at some point if I get motivated (don't want to send it from my work address). In the meantime I'm reverting to a hot key to display the menu :person_shrugging: