Alternative way to set app dependencies of actions.

Hello there!

Here is my proposal of the alternative way of configuring the actions, which app to enable/disable.

I have actions that are exactly the same but duplicated across multiple applications. Currently, when I want to change the duplicated shortcut, I have to visit all the app sections on the left sidebar and make the same modifications repeatedly.

Not sure how the actions are managed internally, but if each action has this "which app to on/off" property, we can use the app sections as a filter. So we can still have the same experience as we have now.

This app has these actions + This action has these apps

I do use advanced conditions to differentiate the action based on the focused app.
Like: "when this app is in focused, true" (some special action)
But also I have to make exactly same trigger with opposite conditions "when this app is not focused, true" (default action)
And those actions are on global. However, when I want to configure the app list, I have to open every single actions and click the [Advanced Conditions...] and copy and paste the condition code.

We can also reduce this redundancy.

I simply wish better bulk editing experience!
If I'm just missing this feature exist, please let me know :rofl:

Concept Images:

BetterTouchTool already has a concept for multi-app groups, it's called "conditional activation groups":

A CAG will show up in the app list on the left, and you can then add triggers to it which you want to be the same for all of the apps in the group

Thanks for the reply :smile:
It looks promising!

However, it doesn't work in my environment, unfortunately.
When I enable the action, it works on everywhere.
The condition seems to be set correctly since the value's text color is changing.

Restarting the BTT/mac after saving this doesn't fix this.
What I'm I missing here?

Exporting all settings and actions and importing to new Preset fix this triggering issue.

(However, BTT on Parallels behaves quirkily in the first place...)