Alternative to BTT or lite version in App store?

I know it's weird to ask about in here but this tool is the first thing I install on a new Mac and love everything about it. Using it on my private Mac but just got a new Mac at work and we're completely locked on installing apps on our own and I can't get permission to install BTT and lost a lot of functions I'm using daily.

Are there any alternatives you can recommend or would it be possible and a suggestion maybe, if there could be a lite version on the App store with all the functions possible and of course following Apple's policy?

I know I can find window snapping apps but I don't know any alternative to eg. three finger swipe to cycle through Chrome tabs, close and reopen tabs etc.

So I'm basically asking if there could be a lite version in App store (I'd pay a subscription for it) or any alternatives to BTT from the App store?

This stuff requires permissions that are not possible to use on the Mac App Store (e.g. reading trackpad input). So unfortunately no (I really would like to have some version there, but it's impossible right now due to Apple's rules)

Yeah I thought so, that's why I wondered if it was possible to make a stripped version which was following Apple's rules but I guess it would be few to none functions in that version.

There are other apps that can each do a fraction of what BTT can do and are probably in the App store. If you want, look here and search for "trackpad".

Apparently Apple has recently allowed some apps to read trackpad data on the Mac App Store. Could be random, but I'll investigate a bit to see whether any policy change has happened.

This sounds like good news to me. I hope we will se an App store version soon.
Please keep us updated on your findings