Alpha vs Normal

Why do I keep having two versions?

And what should I use?


you should probably use the normal version unless you know what's in the alpha :slight_smile:

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Although with BTT it's usually ok to try an alpha. There might very well things that are broken, but that can also happen on the stable channel.

I'd recommend: use the stable but if you encounter an issue, definitely try the alpha.

Ah ok so basically the "alpha" is like the up coming version?

basically yes. It's my current development state (if it's currently in a more or less releasable state).

Thank you An.

If it was named "Beta" would have understood it better. But thanks for clarifying what "alpha" was :slight_smile:

Also not related….

Is it just me or... I find the new BTT a bit disorganized or confusing or maybe because it's new and i'm not used to it.

I tend to go back to the old layout whenever I have to change some settings.

Nevertheless, thanks for updating, maintaining and releasing new updates and new versions of the BTT. Perhaps I will start using the new BTT layout more often, I will get used to it.

Thanks again Andreas. :slight_smile: