alpha version offered for download?

hello there,

there is either a bug in the website or a bug in the auto-update mechanism of BetterTouchTool:

• if you are running BTT 3.205 and select "Check for Updates" it claims it is up-to-date. If you select "Check for Alpha Updates" it shows version 3.206. so according to the update check, version 3.205 is the last official stable release, while version 3.206 is an "alpha" version

• however, if you go to the website and select "download" ( ) it will download version 3.206, implying this is the last official stable release and NOT an alpha version

so which is it?
is 3.206 a stable version and the update-check is bugged claiming this is an alpha version? or is the
website bugged because it offers an alpha version for download?

thanks for the clarification

btw, in the course of testing this, i've downgraded from 3.206 to 3.205. bad choice, since BTT wouldn't start anymore afterwards (with either version 3.206 or 3.205), claiming some files are damaged

i had to restore the Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool/ folder from a TimeMachine backup to get it running again.

3.206 is rolled out slowly and might not yet be available, especially for older macOS versions (as it contains mostly Catalina fixes and only textual changes compared to 3.205).

If BTT doesn't offer it as a normal update, you probably don't need it, but there is definitely no need to downgrade.