(Alpha) "Execute every x sec" and "always run when visible" script options, broken

Describe the bug
The script widget customization options 'Always run when visible' and 'Execute every x seconds' don't work as intended.

For the Always run when visible: Check box doesn't stay checked. Checking this box does work (ie: it runs when visible) but after closing the window and reopening the box is always unchecked.

Execute every x seconds: Putting this value at 0 still causes the script to run every 5-8 seconds (could be based on the last value used). Tested using set t to (time string of ( current date ))

I use these 2 options in tandem on hidden menus to refresh scripts only when they become visible. My current workaround is to set the seconds to very large and make sure to always check the run when visible box when I go to the settings

Affected input device:
13" TB MBP 2018
OSX 10.13.6
BTT 2.548

I hope this is fixed in v2.549 alpha

I'm not able to install the 2.549 alpha "An error occurred while downloading the update"


Sorry should now be working

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Yep! Installed the alpha and both are fixed :smile:

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