Allow Whitelist/Blacklist Rules To All Apps

Hi, I would like to have a whitelist/blacklist mode for all apps where if in blacklist mode any apps added to the list will be ignored for any shortcuts or triggers added for any of the configs (Trackpads, Keyboards etc...). as for whitelist mode any apps added to the list will have have all/any triggers function only for those apps & all other apps not added, triggers wont function...

i wish to have the freedom to make certain triggers only function within all apps except for specific few or the latter only have certain apps have those same triggers & all other apps it won't function.

it gets tiring making the same shortcut/trigger for multiple apps where a ruleset like this would help simplify this process.

you can easily do this by creating a conditional activation group that excludes a specific set of apps (they are created - like apps - using the + button below the app list)

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