Allow Visual Separators for all Input Devices

At this point I have probably close to 1000 Triggers across all Input Devices & Conditional Apps. Really appreciate the ability to add Visual Separators for the Trackpad, but this is not possible across other Input Methods. Making this feature universal would add not only valuable functionality, but consistency to BTT.

Many thanks!

Until this is possible you can create your own separators with the symbols you want in the name. Better than nothing.


Ha, I already do that when separating folders. In fact, I use folders as a workaround to this as well. For triggers it looks messier because there is often additional information that accompanies the trigger name. But funny to see people using a similar workaround.

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Good idea, I have added a generic option to add this to the main menu in 3.990 alpha:

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Nice!! Thank you. This will make a world of difference.

Just a heads up that dark mode is broken on it:

did you set dark mode colors?

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Oh sorry!! I didn't realize the color could be customized! That's cool actually! Thank you.

It is sometimes bugging out after editing the separator name and hitting save. I've had two types of bugs:

  • One where it seems to duplicate the item below it (with the separator ceasing to exist, as though it had become the item below it)
  • And another one where "separation" remains, but it looses all attributes - as can be seen in the picture below, above the "Unused" folder. Note the inspector shows no information, though that separator is what is currently selected. In this case, when I moved another separator it seemed to "refresh" the weirdly behaving separator and restore its properties.

Additionally, the delete button is sometimes not available and the separator must be deselected / selected in order for it to become functional. Right-click delete seems to regardless though. As can be seen in the image below (separator selected, trash can greyed out)

Would be nice / consistent if the the font in List View was Bold like it is in Collumn View. See below :slight_smile: