"Allow to show hidden Touch Bar with modifier keys" Option broken


it seems that the option "Allow to show hidden Touch Bar with modifier keys" is broken in my version.

It shows the option desciption of hidden Touchbar, but the options in the dropdown doesn't match.
Screenshot 2022-06-22 at 16.58.37
The options mention some hidden Notch Bar, when is set it in "Hiddden Touchbar" Option and save, it sets the option two fields below, where are actually the right settings for the hidden notch.

Sadly, options for modifier-keys aren't available.

My Version of BTT: 3786 (1931) on OSX 12.3.1

thanks for reporting! I'll push an alpha to fix this later today or tomorrow

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Hi Andreas, the latest alpha has fixed the problem mentioned above!

But how can I configure to show up an app-specific touchbar as I aked here:

Is there any guide to it?