Allow to easily remap § (with all modifier keys) key to esc (with all modifier keys)

Remaining escape key works, but recently I realized that it is very limited - it lacks supporting modifier keys out of the box (seems like the single support all modifiers option option is missing).

Karabinier-elements app seems to make it right, so let's take a closer look:

  1. Karabinier-elements mappings:
    a. from non_us_backslash to escape - this makes esc remap alone works and also works with all modifiers (shift+esc, ctrl + esc etc.)

  2. BetterTouchTool requires individual mappings for all the combinations:
    a. from § key to escape
    b. from § + shift key to escape + shift
    ... and many more

if you use the predefined action "ESC (escape key, respects pressed modifiers)" this should work. However BTT is not a key remapping tool, Karabiner works completely different than BTT :-), so this is unfortunately not really comparable.

For remapping keys the apple provided command line tool should be the most performant:

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hidutil works perfectly

This is the way to remap section sign key (§) to ESC

hidutil property --set '{"UserKeyMapping": [{