Allow Floating WebView to render over fullscreen applications

When I trigger a floating webview while the current desktop is a fullscreen application, the webview will instead render to a normal desktop (I believe it is the last one used before the fullscreen app). This can be shown when I switch from the fullscreen app back to the normal desktop.

I would like the floating webview to instead render over the fullscreen application. If possible, I would ideally like an option in the webview preferences for how to handle mouse and keyboard focus individually (e.g. for both mouse and keyboard send events to either the fullscreen app, the webview, or maybe even both), and of course, when the webview is exited, return mouse and keyboard focus to the fullscreen app. I know this behavior is possible within MacOS, because other applications, such as Alfred, can render over fullscreen apps, intercept input, and return focus back to the fullscreen app when closed. Whether MacOS Webview allows for this might be a limitation.

It does seem that the latest alpha uses an updated Webview (which unfortunately crashes BTT when launched at the moment), which may automatically resolve this issue, but if it doesn't, this feature would be greatly appreciated so that I can fully utilize custom UIs throughout the system.

The updated webview isn't crashing for me, and it does seem to support what you're looking for! I was pleasantly surprised.

oh that’s awesome! @zachm could you check whether there is a crashlog in the macos console app? The webview seems to work fine here so far

In the previous version of the webview, I had the webview working on full screen app but ONLY when BTT preferences was not open. I have not yet tested the latest alpha

oh that’s interesting - if that’s still the case i’ll add an option to transform the webview process to the same kind as the BTT window. It’s possible requires this for overlaying fullscreen apps

this is all looking like good news! @oliviermattelaer thanks for letting me know, that does indeed work on the latest stable release. @Andreas_Hegenberg thanks for considering this. I have attached the crashlog that occurs when using the new Webview implementation. I apologize for not having tested with the BTT window closed before posting.

BetterTouchTool_2020-01-03-105732_zachary.crash (86.7 KB)

Ah you are still on macOS 10.12? Seems some of the internal WKWebView API I need has changed since then. I'll add an extra check here.

with the latest alpha from today it seems to work without any other window being open (at least on catalina)