Allow customization of hyper-key modifiers

I’m really glad you’ve added hyper-key actions to BTT. I’ve been using Karabiner for that, and I’d like to try doing it in BTT instead.

However, my existing hyper-key does not include shift, and this is intentional. My caps lock key functions as cmd-ctrl-opt, which lets me make shortcuts both with and without shift.

For example, I have hyper-up arrow as “maximize window”, and hyper-shift-up arrow as “maximize window to top half”.

So I’d like to request the ability to choose which modifiers are included in the hyper-key.

It would be especially great if each hyper-key could have its modifiers set individually, so one could make multiple distinct hyper-keys with different modifiers. But that’s not strictly necessary. I mostly just want to be able to remove shift from the hyper key.

Thanks for listening, and thanks even more for making such a great utility.

Is there any chance of this happening? I'm having several conflicts with the default hyper key, and would also like the ability to set it to "Ctrl+option+command".

I agree! Adding ctrl+option+command allows you to use shift as a second hyper key layer. This is so helpful!

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