All of my settings have disappeared. Gone!

I had a full touuchbar setup with lots and lots of widgets etc. All gone this morning. This has happened 3 times now and each time was directly after I had posted a comment here about something not working as indicated in the BTT documentation. Does BTT have access to my settings? My data? Yesterday after posting here about a problem with the contextual menu not showing up, a window appeared in my BTT app that had pointers and comments written on it. How would BTT insert a window into my local app? I have not granted permission for that kind of interaction.

Do I understand you correctly, you think someone from the outside deleted your data because you posted something in this forum? ... I don't think so.

I can't speak for the developer, but if BTT had any kind of built-in monitoring mechanism, users would have noticed long ago. There is a user statistic, but only you can see that.

I already explained in your other thread, nobody can remote control your BetterTouchTool. It's all on your local machine and controlled by what you do.
The window with "comments" you opened is the old UI, which is by default not used anymore and has been deprecated - it is still included for some old functionality.

That said, have a look at the documentation on how to restore an automatic backup: Restoring Automatic Backups ยท GitBook

Are you sure you have an original BTT license purchased on or through a Setapp subscription? Because it looks like a pirated version to me.