"All clicks pass through the menu" stops working sometimes?

On my previous mac, I set up a floating menu to that overlaid the whole screen and set checked "All clicks pass through the menu" to have a thin border with rounded corners around the whole screen. It worked as expected for months.

On my new Mac, I recreated that from scratch (it's a slightly different screen size + notch), checked the same box, but this time, it seems to stop working once in a while where it blocks clicks/hovers until I switch applications (cmd-tab). It seems to happen most often when my Mac wakes from sleep, but sometimes seems to happen randomly as well.

Unfortunately, I don't have the old version to compare, but I'm guessing it could also just be a newer version of BTT. Export attached here:

exported_triggers.bttpreset (21.7 KB)

The click through setting also stops working while editing which did not happen on my previous Mac. Video:

Side note, I have a second floating menu setup to hide most of my menu bar, and that seems to do the same thing, although I only noticed it once because I rarely use the menu bar. The screen border's Z index is set to 24 and the menu bar one is maximum float on top.