Album Art not appearing in Now Playing Widget for Music Radio, macOS 10.15.7

[BTT 3.553 (1963), macOS 10.15.7, MacBook Pro 15-inch, 2019, MacBookPro15,3]

Not sure when this stopped working, but when I am playing music from and playing songs from a Radio "station," the Album Art icon is not populated in my Now Playing Widget. (Album art does appear when I play songs from my local library which do have AA.) Can't seem to get it to appear - stopped/restarted BTT, rebooted, stopped/restarted the song.

Album Art isn't only showing in the Touch Bar widget for me intermittently for the last few days.

I thought might be related to the last Monterey update to 12.2.

Also using

Does the album art show up in apple's now playing widget in your notification center?