AI Integration in BTT: Simplifying Setups and troubleshooting

A common problem with BTT, Apple Shortcuts, and similar apps is the complexity and difficulties in creating, locating, and managing various setups. It would be beneficial to integrate AI in BTT similar to that in Notion, enabling Q&A functionality for setup troubleshooting or organization advice. Further, it could even offer suggestions or partially set up tasks to mitigate user efforts.

This would diminish the time required for setups, decrease the frequency of online queries and avoid potential user demotivation. While I appreciate BTT, I often find myself spending excessive time on seemingly straightforward setups that turn out to be complicated.

unfortunately I think this sounds much easier than it actually is.
I have thought about multiple approaches to achieve something like this, but I don't think I have the resources nor the knowledge to make it work. Maybe Apple can achieve something like this for Shortcuts with the next macOS/iOS

What if there is a chat that runs on the forum and it's knowledge base comes from all of posts and the documentation?

I am really interested to see what apple is going to do with the LLM. trying not to get my hopes up too much lol

The problem is how to make such data available to the LLM in a way the LLM can make use of. Most simple approaches basically just create a chat that can search your content but is not actually smart about it and won't be able to combine different parts of the content.

Using vector embeddings is an option I have been looking into, however that is also very limited and AFAIK wouldn't be able to create "smart" results.

hmmmm I see what you mean now. I need to see how intercom did it as I recently had was running into an issue with a software that I'm using and they were using intercome's AI before forwarding me to an agent the AI responded perfectly and resolved all my issues.

But BTT is way more complicated as well.

While it won't allow trouble shooting, Kagi's new sidekick feature might at least make the documentation much more accessible. I'll add this soon:

that would be a huge help. Thank you