After update "Run Apple Script" actions are lost

My license was expired so I renewed it & updated BTT.
Some of my actions are still there but I lost all settings that has "Run Apple Script" action.
I want to know why it disappeared while other actions are remained.
I want to restore them and tried to restore them from backup by following instruction, it brings back all settings but "Run Apple Script" actions.
I tried inputting preset which I saved just in case, same result.
I tried bring it back from Time Machine, same result.

I'm guessing some settings from old versions doesn't work on recent version? If so, was I warned about it in release notes? did I miss it?
I regret updating BTT. I have no idea why these certain actions are lost.
Can someone help me?

weird, do you have the experimental dropbox sync enabled?

have you already checked whether they still work in the old version? (