After BTT Launched is not firing

In named triggers: After BTT Launched is not firing when macOS starts up, it only runs when BTT is restarted. I haven't tried the alpha, but I'm on the latest, and this has been bothering me for the last four or so updates.

what kind of actions do you have assigned? Maybe the system is not ready for them right after restart?

applescripts/afterBTTLaunched.applescript at main · steventheworker/applescripts · GitHub

so it’s just setting some variables? That should work fine. I’ll check, maybe there is some timing issue in BTT

Correct, I'll try to delete the trigger and readd it just to see if it makes any difference though.

EDIT: it still didn't work

EDIT: It worked 1-3 times on Ventura 13.1, hasn't worked since