Advanced Triggers - Pass through keyboard shortcut if conditions not met

I'd like to set up a keyboard shortcut that "passes through" the keyboard shortcut if advanced trigger conditions are not met. I.e. I want to intercept a keyboard shortcut under certain conditions but when those conditions are not met I would like the default behavior to occur.

It doesn't appear to me to be possible. I could accomplish what I'm trying to do if the advanced conditions had a "pass through event if conditions not met" type option.

I also tried to use a "conditional activation group" but the conditions are not as granular and the conditions don't update to take into account certain "overlay interfaces" like those for Spotlight and Alfred having focus.

the problem with advanced trigger conditions is, they can only be evaluated after BTT has caught and thereby blocked the shortcut (this is due to technical limitations and performance impact caused by evaluating conditions)

However you can set up the same shortcut twice and add conditions that are the opposite of each other. For one of them you just assign an action to send the same shortcut again, basically passing it through. To the other you assign the real action you want to perform.

This is what I do, organized in a folder marked 'pass-through triggers'.

Thanks. I managed to get it working as needed. Took me a minute to figure out how to create a "does not contain" condition, but otherwise straightforward enough.

I would really like to see this feature added.

I have found that when I specify advanced conditions for a keyboard shortcut trigger, it’s almost always to overload a pre-existing shortcut to do different things based on context. In other words, if the condition doesn’t match, I generally want the original shortcut to be processed exactly as it would in the absence of the conditional trigger.

This might be a common enough pattern to warrant an option to handle it automatically.

I envision it would work like this:

When the passthrough option is enabled and the condition doesn’t match, if an unconditional shortcut has been defined in BTT, that one would be triggered, and if not, then the shortcut would just be passed on to the active app.

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I hit the same problem and I strongly agree with @carrera that this should be implemented. Setting up 'opposite' is cumbersome and annouying.