Additional Trigger Conditions

I'm not even sure if the Dev reads any of these "Request" posts, or if they are even considered if they are read.. but I've scrolled through many of them, dating back for a while, that never got implemented even though they are pretty good requests.. but here goes mine..

Please add additional Trigger Conditions to detect if the mouse pointer is over an apps titlebar, as well as a condition that would allow use to trigger actions when mouse pointer is over a specific app icon in the doc..

It would amazing to have the option to use such actions like Maximize, Minimize, Close by performing a trigger over the App icon in the dock that you would like the action to impact.

Example: Minimize Safari by swiping down on the Safari app icon in the doc.. Swipe up with two fingers on Safari app icon in doc to active App Expose for Safari.. and so much more..

There is no standard title bar, apps can define that as they want. Thus having a default for this, is hard.
However using the new "Advanced Conditions" you can achieve this by looking at the "position_in_window" variable and e.g. just allow the top 30 pixel to trigger.

You can also use the "focused_element_details" or "hoevered_element_details" to trigger only over specific ui elements.

(I'm of course reading all feature requests and constantly adding new stuff)

Here is an example that would trigger only while hovering the Finder Dock icon:

Do you have an example of the use of the position_in_window? I see an X or Y option..
Where does X:0 Y:0 start? And is the position set going to change based on the window size and location?

I set x & y to 30.. but its not working at all

Here an example to trigger only in the top 40 pixels of a window:

For technical reasons these do not work with the BTT window itself, but any other window should do fine

Is there any extensive documentation on these new conditions?

Also should note: that as far as triggering on titlebar as a standard option, the app Swish does this without issues... However I had to discontinue use of it, as it has a conflict with BTT. If both are running, my keyboard randomly stops working. This is resolved by quoting either app.

Yeah swish is also using lots of heuristics to recognize a title bar (including position and hovered ui element details). Just by using the top 40-50 pixels you will probably match most windows pretty well.

There is no documentation yet (as the feature was just created), basically you can match anything that is shown in the "Hovered UI Element Viewer" and "Focused UI Element Viewer"

The X/Y position of "position_in_window" starts on the top left of a window, but I'll probably add more anchors soon.

Okay, so how would I target Safari when, lets say Google Sheets, is in use? One of the attributes shown in the Hovered/Focused UI Element Viewer is "AXURL" .. what option in the advanced condition would I use to target that?

You can just copy that party in and use the "contains" condition:

Unfortunately I can't copy the part, as the "Press Shift + Space key to lock/unlock..." does not work..

That's weird, it should turn red and not update anymore as soon as Shift+Space is pressed. Maybe the shortcut is used by something else on your system already. I'll check if I can add another way to stop the updating

But you can also just enter that url in the condition by hand

Nope, doesn't turn red at all. Tried both Focused and Hover options..

Tired recording a video of it.. but either that BTT Focus/Hover window doesn't like to be recorded, or something else.. but it starts to lag out my M1Max MacBook Pro, if active the Mac screen recorder with the focus/hover window open.

Ah the shortcut currently only works when at least one keyboard shortcut is configured in the Keyboard Shortcuts section in BTT. I'll fix that.

@Andreas_Hegenberg Sorry for jumping here, but are we able to lock/unlock Current condition values from Edit Conditions For Group in a same manner as with Hovered UI Element Inspector?