Additional Haptic Feedback Not Working?


I don't know if I'm understanding this feature wrong or if it just isn't working properly.
When selecting a trigger you can go to the advanced tab and there is an option to add Additional Haptic Feedback. Is this supposed to let you chose specific haptic feedback for this trigger? If so it isn't working on the built-in trackpad on my Mac or the Magic Trackpad 2.

Affected Devices:
MacBook Pro Early 2015
Magic Trackpad 2

BTT Version: 3.084

I may have found the problem but I'm still leaving this post here in case the developer can figure out a way to add the functionality.

It works if I chose a trigger that actually plays haptic feedback. I was using the 1 Finger Corner Tap which by default wouldn't play any haptic feedback. So, I'm guessing that is the reason it wont trigger haptic feedback