Additional Actions Not Firing After "Use Apple Default/Do Nothing"

If "Use Apple Default or Do Nothing" is the first action in a set, no actions following it execute.

Only occurs when "Use Apple Default" is first in the set. All actions in the set – before and after "Use Apple Default " – still execute if "Use Apple Default" is not first in the action chain.

When "Use Apple Default" is first in the chain, the "Apple Default" action does execute, but none of the others in the set do. But, "Use Apple Default" doesn't do anything if it's not first in the chain. Not sure if it's supposed to. Example: If I assign ⌘⇧N to execute a chain of "Toggle Big Cursor," "Delay 0.5," "Use Apple Default," and finally again "Toggle Big Cursor" My cursor changes to big and back, but ⌘⇧N has no effect in Finder (or wherever). I'd like to see this changed/fixed to always execute the default action of the trigger.

BTT behaving this way with ALL input devices (trackpad, keyboard, etc,)

P.S. I can't use the obvious workaround of just telling BTT to type out the default shortcut because of another bug which I will post about after this one. In short, anytime I tell BTT to type a "⌘⇧" shortcut, BTT will either loop the action ad infinitum until or crash immediately. Anything like ⌘⇧N or ⌘⇧A causes this bug.

  • MPB 2014 15" (MBP 11,3)
  • OSX 10.14.6
  • BTT 3.401 (1631)

Anyone else with insight/workaround please share.

Log files attached below (868.2 KB)

I realize now may seem like two separate bugs: The additional actions not firing when "Apple Default" is first, and "Apple Default" not firing when it's not first. Just a consideration.

that action really means the system default will be used, anything else is ignored. That’s intended.

If you have a shortcut that triggers itself you need to check the „prevent recursive triggers“ option for that shortcut