Adding icons to trackpad HUD display

Is possible to add an icon or graphic element to the HUD overlay when using a trackpad??
The idea is that the HUD displays an icon instead of the trigger name or both the icon and trigger name. T

Hi @pase yes, it is possible.

I use Apple's free SF Sympols app to display the icons.
You can see how I use it in the following video:


Thank you for providing this helpful video.
Can this technique work with non-SF Symbols?
I try to add an SVG icon and the HUD displayed the file name instead of the icon.

Curious, what app are you using to show the Popup menu of apps when you press Control + Tab in your video?

Hi @Small, this is the app Witch.

Thanks for the quick reply..

I'll have to look into that app for sure, if I can't get a stable setup of the "Notch Bar" here in BTT.
That's what I was planning on using it for, a quick action bar to access most used apps.

As I've been wanting something that doesn't require remembering different click patterns, keyboard shortcuts etc, and doesn't have a bunch of stupid search results or Siri suggestions like Spotlight is now plagued with.