Adding custom icons to BTT

Is it possible to add custom icons to BTT?
For example in the screenshot, can Photoshop be replaced by the app icon?
When using gestures group, can the trigger items in the group show icons and names?
for example:
3 finger slide-up trigger group
trigger 1 name + icon
trigger 2 name + icon
trigger 3 name + icon

I have not found a way to add icons to the gesture.
Is it possible through scripting?

Screen Shot 2022-01-30 at 9.51.03 AM

In your screeshot you are showing the "show menubar in context menu" action. Do you want to customize that one? (That's not possible).

However you can create custom context menus in BTT using the "Show Custom Context Menu" action. This can also include custom icons.

Hi, I am thinking about a custom context menu with icons instead of names.
Can you please point out where I can find the Show Custom Context menu action in the BTT UI?

You then create named triggers in the "Automations, Named & Other Triggers Section", there you can also select a icon:


Thank you for the screenshots. I found three different icon groups.
Can the user add custom icons that are not part of the three default icon sets?

Sorry, I just found the From Disk button to upload custom icons. I think it is all good now.
Thanks for your hwelp!