Adding an action to a default/existing application shortcut

I've searched for a possible answer and I'm not sure I'm searching the right key-phrases. Hopefully this question is pretty easy for the community to help answer. Can I use BTT to add a key command to an existing application key command. For instance, if my application used CMD+G to group two elements and uses CMD+] to bring selection to front. Can I set CMG+G to group AND bring the elements to front (essentially combining the default shortcuts to the CMD+G trigger?). All my attempts to set CMD+G to trigger CMD+G;CMD+] OR CMD+G;delay;CMD+] have failed and and caused BTT to crash.

The important thing to prevent BTT from crashing in such a case is to check the "Prevent recursive triggers" option on the shortcut:

Otherwise triggering the shortcut itself in the action sequence will cause an endless loop and crash BTT.

I figured the solution would be something simple - Thanks for the help!