Add website bottom to touch

Im looking for some help. I just downloaded BTT and wish to add website bottoms to the Touch Bar, but I can't figure out how and I can seem to find any articles or videos that explain it. Can someone please point me in the right way :slight_smile:
Thank you


  1. New Touchbar button
  2. As associated action choose open link/url
  3. Paste your website url when asked to
  4. Don't forget to name your button!
  5. If you want to, download the thumbnail of the website, add it as icon the the button, and check "hide text, show icon only" :wink:

Hi Caliguvara
Thank you :slight_smile: I have done what you wrote, but it seems like its not showing in the touchbar. I don't know if there is somewhere after I press 'Save' that I should press something else to get the new bottom to show in the Touch Bar?

Could you provide a screenshot of what you did? :wink: might be easier ^^