Add Option to "Hold Keys Down"

The "Send Shortcut to Specific Application" action would benefit greatly from an ability to "hold keys down" while the trigger is ongoing. In other words, if I set a keyboard- or mouse-based trigger (ex. middle-click on mouse), then the "Send Shortcut to Specific Application" action should send the "key down" events for the shortcut, and then ONLY send the "key up" events when the trigger stops (i.e. middle-click is released).

Yep we need this!

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Still hoping this gets implemented!

Example use here: Temporarily unmute Zoom when the app is not focused.

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yes, would love it!

It would be helpful for programming as well.
The german trigger for [ is to hold option+5. It would be nice to just click option and then 5. It is possible to do this with a sequence, but it would be nice to have the general possibility without writing sequences for every special character that might be used

That's actually the exact use case I want this for, too!

Yes, please, I need this!!

I'm not sure whether that is what you want, but the standard "Send shortcut" functionality has had this for a long time:

However modifier keys are very special that's why you'll need to use the predefined actions cmd/shift/ctrl/down/fn up/down if you want to only keep some modifier keys and not a real key pressed.

Unfortunately, this appears to be the opposite of what this thread is asking for. Here is an example of what is desired:

Step 1. User presses ⌘+⌥+Space and holds these keys down — this triggers the "send keys to application" action, sending a key-press sequence to Zoom (but only Key Down)

Step 2. after 30 seconds, the user is done, and releases the ⌘+⌥+Space keys — this trigger the "send keys to application" action, this time sending Key Up sequence.

Although this can be manually configured by using separate triggers, one for "Trigger on Key Down" and one for "Trigger on Key Up", it would be preferable to have a single trigger+action, with a selector for "match trigger state" where the key-sequence sent to the target application matches the state of the trigger keys.

Ah now I see. Unfortunately that would be really hard to fit into the BTT model because actions are separated from their trigger. Which is why I added the possibility to trigger different actions on key down and key up (or mouse down & mouse up)

Sounds good, then that will have to be the solution. The trigger-grouping feature of BTT at least makes that pretty easy to organize :slight_smile:

We appreciate all the hard work you put into this project!