Add F1, F2, etc. keys as Actions

Is it possible to map a true F1 key as an Action? I see F13-18 under "Keyboard Keys" but not the main F1-12 keys.

I have a Terminal based app that uses F1, and I'd like to add F1 to the toolbar without having to switch over to the full F keys. I tried "Send a shortcut to a specific app" and recorded F1, but Terminal didn't seem to respond to that - it only responds to the real F1 press.

This seems more like a feature request. I've moved it to the #feature-requests section!

You should be able to use the normal keyboard shortcut sending functionality:

Thanks! That works great.

And sorry about that - not sure why I only noticed "Send a shortcut to a specific app"...

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Thanks for moving it, but it appears that the feature already exists, and I just didn't see it.

This is probably obvious, but if you have an F key assigned as a trigger in Keyboard Maestro, a Touch Bar button using the normal keyboard shortcut sending functionality, as noted above, triggers the Keyboard Maestro shortcut as expected.
Of course if the Keyboard Maestro shortcut is just simulating a keystroke, you could use that directly.

I still think this would be a great addition.

Look at my case, I have a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, but the Touch Bar stopped receiving input. It can only display things...

How am I supposed to press those F keys?

I needed to make some actions for the fn + 1 send F1 and so on...
I ended using python to simulate my F keys keystrokes and got do accomplish what I needed.

But I still think that having that as an option would be of great help.

Please add this.