Add "does not contain" to Advanced Trigger Conditions

Currently the advanced conditions for triggers offer "is", "is not" and "contains" as verbs, but not "does not contain". It would be helpful if this was added.

Example: I'm trying to prevent a key sequence from triggering when a certain key other is pressed (Cmd in this case, key code 55). However, in the advanced conditions, if for currently_pressed_keyboard_keys I use "is not" and "55," this only prevents the trigger from triggering if only Cmd is pressed, which is not useful since by definition my key sequence will have other keys pressed and thus not just "55," as value for currently_pressed_keyboard_keys. A "does not contain" option would solve this.

This works by changing the "all of the following are true" to "none of the following are true"

You can create such nested rules by holding the option key while hitting the plus button

Ah, yeah, that works, thanks. Bit cumbersome because every negation (except for "is") will need its own "None of the following" – not so good for more complex conditions. But probably difficult to implement a proper "not" in-line with so many different possible verbs.

The nesting option should really be more discoverable though. At the very least it should have the same text hint for normal triggers as for CAGs (like in your screenshot). And I think I would prefer "↳" over "…" as the button icon for adding a nested condition.

unfortunately this is a macOS standard control, which doesn't offer much/any customizability.

But I can add the text like for CAGs

Maybe at some point I'll create my own condition builder, but this stuff is more complicated than it looks like