Add delete button to Touchbar

How to add delete button to touchbar instead of siri button?

In the native TouchBar? AFAIK impossible.

Here is what apple gives you.

If you want a delete button you'll have to go with a BTT Bar that replaces the native Bar (at least for the apps you need this for).

I can find global action analogs in BTT, but I use applications (e.g. Intellij IDEA), which use touchbar for own purposes.
I need both - app hotkeys and BTT (with Delete) work at the same time. Is it possible?

You could

  • Either manually add the TouchBar of these apps by hand to BTT
  • Or Run a BTT TouchBar and deactivate it when you press for example ⌥⌃
  • Or use a keyboard/trackpad shortcut to "delete"

use the BTT control strip button widget and assign it to delete, but if you use the BTT touchbar this may not be best.

Maybe open the bar with its hold action.