Add "apparentTemperature" to Weather widget

Please add this parameter to the Weather widget:

apparentTemperature - The apparent (or “feels like”) temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.

This is different than the two available apparentTemperatureMax and apparentTemperatureMin.

It's not documented but works like this:

(for the current weather there is only apparentTemperature available, so apparentTemperatureHigh will automatically use apparentTemperature instead )

Interesting. I may be doing something wrong then.

I set the widget to {apparentTemperatureHigh} and it is showing a value of 93.3 in the touch bar.

I have "feels like" in my menu bar from Carrot (also using Dark Ski api) and it is showing 82, which at this time of day much more in line with the real temperature.

Both the widget and Carrot show 80.8 as "real" current temp.

Going to the dark sky web site directly for my coordinates currently says:

81˚ Clear.
Feels Like: 85˚
Low: 71˚
High: 89˚

And you have selected current weather in the BTT widget?

Do you have the auto-location activated or did you manually specify latitude and longitude?

Here's my setup currently:

{icon} {temp} {apparentTemperatureHigh}F{lineBreak}{sunriseTime}

I tried adding user defined lat/lon to the widget, but the displayed temperature values didn't change, so I presume it was getting my location successfully from the system.