Add Advanced Conditions 'via File' or 'automation' possible?

I have a 'Named Trigger' with a lot of 'Advanced Conditions' to specify Apps, with which the trigger is allowed to work. Defined like this:

  1. is it possible to make a shortcut to automate new entries? F.e.:
  • If enter CMD+ALT+F12
  • get the name of the current application
  • make a string with it "<AXApplication: "[NAME]">"
  • Add this in Advanced Conditions of Trigger XY
  1. Is it possible to edit the Conditions List in an txt/xml/.. File?

Have a sunny Monday @all!

sorry, this is not possible. They are stored in a binary format in BTT‘s sqlite database

Ok thanks!
I guess, I will post a new Feature Request then :smiley: