Add ability to clear single (or bulk) entries of the clipboard manager

The clipboard manager has been such an awesome addition to BTT.

Occasionally I copy a password or other sensitive information to my clipboard and have found it unfortunate that the only way to remove sensitive entries is to completely clear the entire history (starred entries included). It would be extremely useful to be able to clear individual entries from the clipboard manager.

you can press cmd+backspace to delete the selected entries

THANK YOU!! I swore I tried various key combinations, but cmd+backspace must have eluded me.

BTT continues to be the best investment I've made in quite some time.

Hello! I'm looking for this as well, how do you select multiple entries?

You can use the standard list selection mechanisms (hold shift to select ranges, cmd to select multiple single items). Cmd+arrow up/down can select the item above or below.

Where can I do that? I tried to go in the Clipboard Manager widget on the TouchBar

Sorry, on the Touch Bar this is not possible.

No problem, but where can I do this then?

You can use the full BTT clipboard manager: Clipboard Manager ยท GitBook (

Found it, thank you, have a nice day!