Add a "Ping URL" Utility Action

Developer here requesting a feature that might come in handy for several people. I want the ability to set a new "Utility Actions" action called "Ping URL". This would allow a user to specify a URL that would be pinged hidden from view and behind the scenes that does not open a browser window.

The result of the ping would be completely hidden from the user as compared to the existing action called "Open URL / Open URL With Selection" that opens a new tab in the default web browser.

Having that alone would be clutch for web debugging purposes where I'd have web code waiting to be hit by the action to accomplish whatever task I want/need. Bonus points if you added fields where I could choose the method to ping with (GET/POST) and fields where I could pass key/value params for POST pings.

This would make your program infinitely more useful than it already is to me. Thanks for considering.

you could just use the shell script or terminal command action in BTT and trigger a ping or curl command, or am I missing something?

So funny you replied with this. I actually went ahead and did that exact thing between the time of my post and seeing your reply just now. Still, having a UI configurable in-app ping action would be nicer for general users and to not have to mess with curl. Thanks for your help.